What’s your strategic goal for financial success via social media? Unclear of the answer to that question? Focused Growth Partners can help.

When developing your social media plan, be clear about your purpose, intent and data orientation. Organizational Impression Management is a big piece of the new gameplay.

Social media can serve as a huge evidence-based financial benefit to your company. It can create positive results at a very low financial cost and impact media and customer relationships in a way that can be difficult or expensive to purchase.

But if used incorrectly, it can negatively affect a company. When social media is done wrong it’s difficult to fix damaged relationships no matter how much money is spent attempting to do so.

For an example of this, take a look at Whirlpool’s Facebook page. Whirlpool shares responses from unhappy customers, portraying a poor image about itself. Obviously, this is not a well-developed plan.

Focused Growth Partners can help get your company’s social media working for you. Our senior corporate leaders use Evidence-Based Innovation™ to create road maps to get you where you want to go.



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