The Focused Growth Partners Private Equity practice is dedicated to building and developing partnerships between management and smart capital.   We work with platform company owners, industry leading CEO’s, and our trusted private equity investor partners to define compelling value creating investment opportunities. Together, we develop and execute industry sector acquisition strategies that deliver significant, measurable value for management, partners and shareholders.

Our FGP partners all have extensive experience running, funding and governing companies in the Information Technology, Media and Information Services Industries.  We deeply understand the concerns, perspectives and interests of operators and investors alike, and know how to bring them together to a productive partnership.

Led by the industry knowledge of our partners and CEO’s, we are highly selective in the sector-based investments we pursue. This exclusivity allows us to work with the finest companies from each industry. By partnering with these businesses and bringing our deep domain expertise, we cultivate companies of unmatched value.

We have partners in important economic centers in the world:  New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco/Palo Alto, Chicago and Paris

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