Focused Growth Partners is not reliant on one single funding source; we are not tied to a template of investment criteria. We are in a position to evaluate each opportunity on its own merits. In addition to investing our own capital, our co-investment partners are highly successful professionals within private equity firms, hedge funds and family offices, as well as high-net-worth individuals who understand the power of the CEO-based vision.

We use the following framework in our investment decisions:

– Platform companies with revenues from $20 to $500 million, and EBITDA’s of $3.5M or more.

– We target, but are not limited to, platform, as well as add-on investments in companies in:

  • Information Technology
  • Tech-Enabled Business services
  • Media
  • Professional Information Services

Our distinct competitive advantage comes from:

– An accomplished, industry-leading executive with relevant domain expertise and track record of success will create a distinct competitive advantage.

– A vetted, validated investment thesis that clearly articulates a significant opportunity in markets of particular interest to the co-investor.

Because we lead with the CEO’s investment strategy, we are open to a wide selection of marketplace opportunities. In addition to a buy and-build strategy, we also focus on aggressive growth strategies, as well as turnarounds.

This list represents FGP’s overall requirements, but we are open to considering
investment opportunities outside of these criteria.

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