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Partner | Chicago USA

Beth Kljajic is a serial entrepreneur and go-getter in the Information Industry, with a focus on helping customers realize large performance improvements by creating an emphasis on business process enhancement as well as bettering the customer experience and employee engagement.

Mrs. Kljajic is known for her ability to get transformational change implemented fast. She executes a variety of complex projects and programs that touch upon many aspects of a company. Her style is a direct, take-no-prisoners approach that brings out hidden roadblocks and addresses them early.

Beth is a frequent international speaker and negotiator for organizations in the profit and non-profit sectors. She coaches complex organizations with strategic planning efforts that led to fundamental shifts towards high performance.

As a consultant to the 2nd largest county in the US, she led her team to develop an accounting system to provide a 21st Century level of services to the stakeholders including the populace, attorneys, banks, insurance and title companies. Cash flow increased by 200%, process time of transactions decreased by 75% and digital access to historical and current documents was provided.

The IRS mandated that one of the ten largest electric utility companies in the U.S. needed to digitize all records of assets including its nuclear power plants. As president of an IT consulting firm, Beth hired and managed the team and designed the system specifications that resulted in an accurate, to the cent, digitization of the multi-billion dollars of assets in the digital accounting platform.

Furthermore, as the US-representative of a Chinese consulting company, Beth hired the project manager and academic team to research and write the economic analysis of Chicago’s emergence as a rust belt city to a 21st Century center for services, finance, insurance, information technology, and manufacturing. She brought advisors to this endeavor including a past Chief of Staff to the President of the United States, the former Secretary of Transportation, US Senators, and Mayors from the region.

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