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Partner | Chicago USA

Roger Bottum has over 25 years of successful software, mobile and cloud product management experience in a broad range of technology markets, leading teams across the US, UK, France and Australia. He has also been a frequent speaker on product management best practices at the Accenture global training centers and at software industry events.

He brings set of methods, tools, training and KPI’s to help product management teams to be more innovative, better engage customers, improve customer experience, address diverse segments and international markets, drive revenue and increase product adoption. Most recently he led the planning, delivery and launch for a Paris-based company of a platform with 53 products, the first time in 3 years the organization had been able to complete a major release. As a part of this, he implemented the first formal product management training and mentoring program for a 22-person product management team located Paris and Chicago, the first formal customer engagement program with leading customers such as Google and Intel, and the first formal UX customer workshops.

Previously Roger has led product management for a unit of Accenture, a $400M ERP company, the first GRC cloud service, one of the leading cloud content services, and a data analytics company.

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