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At Focused Group Partners we pride ourselves in our ability to help owners, operators and investors in frequently highly confidential assignments. Here we present some cases, illustrating our capabilities, but do so for the most part while maintaining utmost discretion and confidentiality. Our assignments include aspects of private equity deal origination, assessment, diligence, post-acquisition integration, and execution planning. We are all proven operating executives who have worked as partners of, or sellers to private equity funds. Our expertise lies in Digitalization, Globalization and M+A work. Sometimes we work as a personal coach or sounding board to an owner or CEO contemplating their next strategic move with their company. Other times we are asked by PE partners to assess a potential acquisition or work for a board to address a particular strategic question. A key aspect of all our work is the translation to execution and tangible results is an absolute requirement. 

While we keep most of our clients confidential, we can share situational successes here:


Owner/CEO support Fundraising – FinTech

CEO of highly successful FinTech company in Europe needed to plan for a change of control and the ability to rapidly scale the company to capture the enormous market demand. The company achieved remarkable success around the world working from 10 local offices in the...

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Acquisition LawLogix

The FGP team successfully executed a complete cycle with the buy out of LawLogix Group, Inc. in Phoenix Arizona. We sourced the investment opportunity, developed the investment thesis and value creation strategy, identified the right private equity sponsors in Akoya...

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Product Creation Project in E-learning

We provided interim a CEO as well as strategy and implementation services for a VC who had acquired unique patents in e-learning and remediation of Dyslexia. The startup was founded to bring a new remediation treatment for dyslexia to the market. The product uses...

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Sale SaaS Software company to Strategic buyer

We provided advice and support to the CEO/Owner and his founder's team in the sales process of his unique SaaS scheduling company for healthcare providers. Both in a hospital and small practice settings. We were able to realize a great high valuation of 5 times...

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Value Creation Strategy Advice SWETS

Project on behalf of the new CEO to explore, define and recommend a value creation strategy leveraging content in the STM (Science-Technology-Medical) publishing space. A key initiative to allow diversification away from just subscription agent activities. The...

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Confidential Software Company Sale

Completed highly confidential divestiture of an industry-leading software company to private equity. The software division was owned by a Fortune 500 company but did not fit the new corporate strategy anymore.  Because the company had strategic relevance to the...

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